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Our philosophy

Roots Catering philosophy

Our team believes in a balanced lifestyle, healthy nutrition and an environmentally conscious way of thinking. 


Based on our approach to nature, we prefer to use organic and seasonal raw materials, so we can offer the best possible taste experience.

During our operation, we pay attention to leaving the smallest possible environmental footprint. Our catering tools and packaging are 100% biodegradable or cleanable and recyclable.  We pay careful attention to the full use of materials and to the minimization of leftovers.

With our food made with quality ingredients and our well-being services, we strive to ensure that our customers can use their full potential by taking care of their physical and mental health, as well as make conscious decisions in the future, thus supporting the lifestyle of individuals and our society. 

Building on our roots, we work in a friendly and familiar environment and atmosphere. Sociability and a strong team spirit are fundamental values for us.

About us

Our family has been connected to gastronomy and catering for generations. We would like to pass on this tradition with an up-to-date mindeset.

In Roots, we combine decades of our own and inherited experience and knowledge, completed with our dedication to the profession and our love for it. 

Natalia Varsádi

Natália Varsádi - Kitchen

Nati's environmentally and health-conscious way of thinking was developed during his studies and restaurant experiences in Denmark. With continuous training and inspiration trips, she ensures that something exciting is brought to the table every time.

Her mission is also to improve the standard of living of our society, which is gaining ground in the services of Roots well-being.

The basis of her operation is positivity, guest orientation, and energy. 

Richard Varsádi

Richard Varsádi - Events

During his more than 10 years of event planning, Ricsi has led the preparation and management of numerous events across Europe. He combines system oriented way of thinking with a high degree of precision, all of which is coupled with flexibility for the satisfaction of guests.  As a fan of gastronomy and travellng, he is a constant explorer of the parallels between the culture and cuisine of nations.

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