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Grazing Table 08

Pop Up Catering

Our Pop Up services offer one kind of product in quick, compact packages. Perfect choice for office events, private gatherings, or as supplementary catering points

Grazing Table 00

Grazing Table

Selection of premium cold dishes, in a spectacular arrangement.

salad bar.jpg

Salad Bar

Everyone will find something for themselves among the mixes selected from seasonal ingredients.

Violet Gin Tonic

Cocktail bar

We offer our own developed and classic cocktails with spectacular garnishes.

Pancake Taco

Pancake Bar

With special toppings and treats available for sensitive people.

Limo Bar.jpg

Limo Bar

Cost-effective  summer refreshment program.Homemade, uniquely flavored refreshments.

Juice Bar

Juice Bar

100% fruit and vegetable juices made on-site with preparation.


Taco bar

A spicy socializing lunch with a wide variety of dishes. In self-service mode or with staff.


Zero Proof Cocktail Bar

We recommend our non-alcoholic cocktails even for morning events.


Specialty Kávé

Specialty Coffee Stand

Our coffee selection features specialty coffees from Hungarian artisan roasters, following the new wave trend.

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