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Roots Catering


We prefer to use organic and seasonal ingredients, so we offer our customers the best possible taste experience, with constant renewal.

When compiling our varied menus, we pay careful attention to the full use of materials and to the minimization of leftovers.

Our catering tools and packaging are 100% biodegradable or cleanable and recyclable.

Kefir chicken skewers

Corporate Events

Precise and professional organization, Friendly service, lasting experience.

Wedding catering


We know that one of the most important parts will be the meal together, so we prepare with special care for such occasions. 

Wedding catering

Private Events

Elevate important occasions to a higher level. Easily, enjoying the company of your guests. 

Office preparation

Office Catering

For breakfast, lunch or even after-work events. 

Goat cheese date snacks

Standing Reception

Small bites, flavor bombs, easy-to-eat but memorable dishes.

Catering & Well-being

Catering & Well-being

Combine our healthy meals with our services supporting mental and physical well-being. 

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