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Yoga Class


Our yoga classes have many advantages. Exercise reduces stress, improves mental focus and physical flexibility. Colleagues will be calmer and more productive. Classes strengthen the team spirit and raise the atmosphere at work. Yoga supports health, prevents diseases and reduces medical absences. This way it supports the health of the employees and the performance of the company. Yoga classes are a simple and effective way to improve physical and mental well-being in the office environment.

Frequently asked Questions

What level and type of yoga exercises does the class include?

What equipment and clothes should we use?

How much space is required?

The aim of the classes is for all participants to have successful practice behind them. During the exercises, our instructors constantly monitor the movements of the guests and lead the classes according to their level of education and physical abilities.


Thus everyone can find joy in the practice even without prior yoga experience.

Who gives the lessons?

Comfortable and flexible clothing is recommended for yoga, which allows free movement and proper ventilation.


For yoga exercises, preferably choose socks or bare feet to achieve a better grip on the yoga mat or floor.


Most people like to use their own yoga or gym mats, but we can also provide mats if needed.

Please discuss this in advance!

Approx. 2x1 m/ yoga guest,

and approx. 3x2 m for the instructor

How much time does it take?

A yoga class takes between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the time available.


We can even hold more classes a day according to your needs.

Our qualified yoga instructors have many practical lessons behind them and create a direct and supportive atmosphere.

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