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Breathing Beats

A program of guided breathing exercises to music is an effective and fascinating way to reduce stress and refresh the mind. In this program, participants practice deep, conscious breathing techniques while concentrating on pleasant music. The rhythm and mood of the music inspires the rate and depth of breathing, helping participants to strengthen concentration and engage in the present moment. In this way, the program helps balance the nervous system, increases awareness and relaxation. 

Once they have mastered the exercises, they can even incorporate them into their everyday life, as even 5-10 minutes of practice leads to a radical increase in efficiency in terms of creativity and concentration.

Frequently asked Questions

What does the program include?

At the beginning of the program, the participants receive information about the breathing techniques, their effects and the path of the program. This may include brief theoretical background information on the importance of correct breathing.


The program focuses on different breathing techniques, the purpose of which is to develop and strengthen deep, conscious breathing. This may include slow, deep breathing, belly breathing, lengthening the exhalation, or other breathing exercises that support relaxation and body-mind balance.


Breathing exercises are usually accompanied by music. The choice of music plays an important role in determining the mood and effect of the breathing exercises. The appropriate musical background helps the participants to relax, concentrate and find a breathing rhythm.

At the end of the program, there will be an opportunity for a final discussion and feedback. Participants can share their experiences, feelings and thoughts about breathing exercises. The facilitator provides an opportunity for questions and may share additional information or suggestions about the program for the participants.

How long is the program?

The length of the breathing exercise program can vary and depends on the specific program and the needs and schedules of the participants. In general, breathing exercise programs can be short 15-30 minute sessions that can be incorporated into the office environment, such as short breaks during work. The purpose of such short programs is to reduce stress and refresh you during work.


There are also longer breathing exercise programs that can last from 45 minutes to several hours. These are aimed at deeper relaxation, physical and mental balance and the practice of deeper breathing techniques. Such longer programs are usually planned for special occasions, workplace wellness programs or events.


It is important to emphasize that the length of the breathing exercise program can be flexible and can be adjusted to the needs of the organizers and participants.

How much space is needed?

Approx. 1x1 m/participant is needed.

What do we have to provide?

Breathing exercises are comfortable to do on a chair, yoga mat or seat cushion.

If required, we can also provide the necessary seatings. Please discuss this in advance!

What music is playing?

The music used for the breathing exercises is chosen for the atmosphere and purpose of the program. 

Music helps the participants to deepen, rhythmic breathing and inner calm. 


The music plays to the tempo of ideal breathing, and its dynamics follow each type of breathing. 


In a unique way we offer from ethereal sounds, through more electronic sounds to rock music, but we can even provide the program with live musicians.

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